Thursday, March 3, 2011

My trip to the "real" Casino, or so I thought.

March, 2011:

So I tried to talk my husband into taking me to the Casino this weekend.  He said honey, don't waste your money, you usually lose.  I said, honey, it doesn't bother me at all, its your money.

He recently sold my car to the junk yard for $100 dollars (see my post, Bev's car dies its final death posted 2/15/11). I said we should each take $50 of that money and try our luck at a "real" casino. No way I could buy another car with $100, but I thought, maybe I could win enough to buy one.

I told him the reason I lose with him is because he always takes me to the casino boats around Chicago, and they're not "real" casinos.
I told him the times I won I was in a real, land based casino, in other states, owned by Native Americans, my long, long, lost ancestors (because my mom once told me a great, great, great, great, 2nd cousin married a Sioux Indian and they had no kids).  BUT IN MY MIND (and only in my mind), THERES SIOUX BLOOD IN ME and that will help.

Well, my husband was laughing by this time but decided to indulge me and take me.

I've went to casino's on special occasions for 20 years.  And I've only won twice.  Once, at Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin Dells with my friend Tina (this picture below) I won about $3,000 and once in Black River Falls, Wisconsin I won about $500.  Both LAND BASED CASINOS, owned by NATIVE AMERICANS.  Those are the casino trips I choose to remember.
We're leaving for Indiana, I figure, its in Indiana, (even kinda sounds like Indian), it must be a "real" casino.  So we tell our smart ass teenage daughter the story, she's laughing, she can't believe her dad bought my "my people" story and so she says to me:

and she went into hysterical laughter again.

I ignored her and we left for the casino.  Brat, what does she know?

We drive an hour to Indiana, pay 2, $3.50 tolls for the Skyway (WTF Indiana!!!) get there, and its on Lake friggin Michigan!!!  A friggin barge/boat!!!

So yes, I lost, again, but I feel its only because I didn't have the Native American luck on my side, the luck of  MY people (only in my mind), the Sioux.  Forget Indiana, next time its the Wisconsin Native American owned casinos or bust!

UPDATE, 8/13/2011:  Well, I finally went to the new Casino on the N.W. side of Chicago with my friend Tina.  And guess what?  Even though its called "Rivers Casino" its a LAND BASED CASINO RIGHT HERE IN CHICAGO!!!  I played 1 and 2 cent slots and won all day long.  I drank to much and stayed to long and ended up giving most of the money back to the casino but it was a lot of fun.  

When Tina dropped me off at home without any winnings, Lorens said, "what happened to all your winnings Pocahontas?"  I told him even though its a land based casino it must not be owned by Native Americans.

He just thinks I drank to much and stayed to long.  

I hate it when he's right.  But it was an adventure!