Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bev figures out the firework mystery, 5-21-11

So I kept hearing fireworks last night.  

They were coming from different directions at different times.  Then I got on FB and noticed other posts about people complaining about fireworks in other towns up to an hour away from me.  I thought I had missed a holiday.  So my neighbor was one of the ones having a party and when I heard some more fireworks going off, sending my dog running for the basement, I walked over to their house.  I asked if I missed something on the news, or is this a holiday?

He looked at me like he was in shock I didn't know and said it was a "Rapture party, of course".

I said "Oh yeah!" (because I had heard about that silly preacher guy on the news).  I waved goodbye, embarrassed.  I felt really stupid......for a second.

Then, as I was walking back home, next door, to a house that was still there, because there was NO EVENT,  I realized people, more than 1, in more than 1 city, were having "rapture" parties.

OK, I stopped feeling stupid before I even 
got back to my house, 100 feet away.

Here's some pictures and a video clip I found on YouTube, 
I don't own them, they're not mine:

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