Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bev goes job hunting.....

May 4, 2011

Well today I'm going job hunting once again.  I'm starting to feel like in this job market, I'm going to need a new approach and a few more supplies.

Maybe I've been going about this hunt all wrong.  Maybe what I need is a tree stand, camouflage, and a whistle that will make my voice sound like a college grad.  

When the employers come through the brush (because they hear a college grad, and naturally ASSUME that's whats best for their corporation), I'll be waiting.  

I'll jump down from my tree stand and will captivate them with my creativity, personality, quick wit, sense of humor and charm.  They'll all fight amongst themselves over who gets to hire me.  I'll chose the one that lets me be the most creative and therefore, happy.  

It could happen....... Ok, well, maybe not.  

But wish me luck anyway.

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  1. Good luck Bev and thanks for the laugh.