Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bev/Lucy Ricardo found out 5/24 she was invited to the FINAL OPRAH EVER, on 5/23

So, I e-mailed Oprah recently and attached a link to this blog, hoping to get tickets to one of her shows.  

I hadn't checked it since Thursday, 4 days ago, thats way longer than normal.  So I checked my e-mail this morning.  

Guess who was trying to reach me on Friday? I had until Saturday to respond. And I'm finding this out Tuesday....... THE OPRAH SHOW, FOR THE FINAL TAPING OF THE OPRAH SHOW.... YESTERDAY!  ARE YOU F'in KIDDING ME?  NO, I AM NOT.  AND NOW YOU BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I'M BEV/LUCY RICARDO.  


We received your email. We have some limited availability for our 5/23 B taping. The time commitment would be from 11:00am until 3pm. If you are available to attend this taping please respond to this email by 10:00am CST, Saturday, May 21, 2011 with the following information:

1. Your first and last name 
2. Your email address 
3. The first and last name of one additional guest who also has never attended a taping before(your guest must be at least 18 years of age) and MUST be able to make the time commitment.
4. Your primary phone number 

If there are still seats available when we receive your email, you will be sent a confirmation sheet with all the details about attending this show. Please understand, you are NOT confirmed until you receive this confirmation email from us. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already attended a show this season (since September 2010) as the lead of a party OR the guest of a party, then you are NOT eligible for these reservations.  Do not reply to this email if you have attended already.

-The Audience Team

Maybe I can laugh about this one day, just like I can now laugh about that Camping Trip from Hell.  Today, I shed a lot of tears.  But, in the words of my daughter, "it's not cancer mom, its just spilt milk."  Thats why shes a straight A student, she's right.

So, I guess I either need to find the humor in this or 
change the name of my blog.  This is what I've got so far:

Good things about not checking my e-mail for 4 days: 

#1 didn't have to see that NO ONE wanted to offer me an interview for 4 days. 
#2, didn't have to see that the diet pill spammers made it onto my inbox, (like spam protection told them, "yeah, you can go on through to her inbox, we won't stop you, she really needs what you're selling"). 
#3, I didn't have to see e-mails with my sons progress reports until today, lucky him. 
#4, thats all I've got so far on the "trying to find humor" in this Bev/Lucy moment.  

Enjoy the Oprah show tomorrow everyone.  
I'll see it someday, 
I just can't bear to watch it tomorrow.
If she gives away cars, I'll be at the bar.

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