Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I got an e-mail (and read it this time), FROM OPRAH!!!

Recap of my yesterday:  After years of trying to get tickets to the Oprah Show, I sent her one last e-mail, told her my story and asked her for tickets to her last ever show.  They replied and I was sent an e-mail for tickets to the LAST EVER OPRAH SHOW.  But I forgot to check my e-mail and didn't see it until it was to late.

I'm happy, go-lucky Bev.  The name of my blog is Thats Life, Might As Well Laugh About It.  THROUGH IT ALL (AND THERES PLENTY), I NEED TO FIND THE HUMOR. (its not in this post, I'm not quite there yet).

So I tried to prepare myself for missing the opportunity.  And then last night, I realized I wasn't going to miss ANYTHING.  I was THERE with her, for 25 years!  I heard ALL the advice, words of wisdom, heart felt sympathy for others that were on her show that had been through what I was going through.  I felt the therapy through my T.V.  It was a personal joke of mine,  "Well of course the Oprah Show is about that today because thats what I'm going through RIGHT NOW!"  I've said thank you to her a million times through my T.V.  Her show and its guests validated MY OWN struggles plenty of times.

Yesterday, I finally responded to her e-mail from Friday, offering me tickets to Mondays taping.  I told her yes, I know, I missed my 1 and only chance.  I was crushed but I still loved her.  Not her fault she was dealing with Bev/Lucy Riccardo.

My cable TV was not working yesterday.  So before bed, I thanked God for my TV not working.  There would be no way for me to watch that show today, the show I should have been at, good.  I saw it as a cosmic gift.    I feel it was because someone up there was trying to lessen the blow for me down here.  My T.V. was turned back on at noon today, after the show had aired in Chicago.  But isn't it funny, that the 24 hours it wasn't working, was when that show/my show aired?  Isn't it ironic?

This morning, I sat down and listened to the POURING RAIN, THUNDER & LIGHTENING rolling through Chicago from 9:00am-10:00am, while I thought everyone else was watching that show, the final ever Oprah Show.  I called friends of mine later to ask how the show was.  They told me they couldn't watch it because many of their TV's in the Chicago area were going in and out because of the storms during that hour.  I told God, its OK, I'm over it, but thanks for the storms, LOL.

So today,  I figured I should go check my e-mail.  I should probably check it EVERY DAY now.  Yes Oprah, I learned my lesson.   Guess what was in my in-box?  An e-mail from Oprah!!!!

YES, I KNOW, it was probably sent to a million other people too. 
 But it started with: 
"Thank you from Oprah Winfrey, 
Got your email." 
And it made my day.

Here's the e-mail I received today:

Thank you

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 1:41 PM
Got your email.
Thank you for watching the finale.  I could feel your beating heart, along with mine, through the TV screen.
I'm off to take a little rest, and then I'll get busy working on OWN.

Take care of yourself.

I'll write soon,

Well Oprah, I couldn't watch the show so my heart was actually beating to the sound of the storm, but I felt like I had been cosmically rewarded.   A reward for getting in the right frame of mind last night when I realized that I wasn't going to miss a thing today except her re-cap of the 25 years I've already shared with her.   I can watch the re-broadcast tonight at 11pm with a smile.  

People have already commented to me, "Oh Bev, I'm sure it was sent to millions" (please read the bold print up above, yes, I know this already.)   It doesn't matter to me.   That e-mail from Oprah Winfrey (probably sent to millions, yes, I already know this as stated above twice already) was the perfect gift at the perfect time.  

Thanks one last time Oprah!

Take care of yourself. b bb

I'll write soon,
Oprahay.  No regrets, no resentment.  Must mean shes sa


  1. I got the same e-mail.

  2. me three - sorry to burst your bubble - it was a form letter sent out to all of us. :-(

  3. Yes, I know this, as I wrote in the post, I'm sure it was sent to millions. I just loved getting it. It was pretty cool seeing a "you've got an e-mail from Oprah Winfrey." Now I'll have to start sending her e-mails more often, LOL, "So Oprah, how's the weather in L.A.? Write back soon!". I'll send one a week if they will keep responding in my in-box with a "you've got an e-mail from Oprah"! It was totally awesome! Love, Glass half full in Chicago.