Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taste of Chicago... NOT

So, I heard the Taste of Chicago started yesterday.  

I was trying to remember the last time I went.
I remember going there as a teenager with my mom.
We saw the Phil Donahue show and got really sunburned.

I remembered going there with friends,
 a few years later, before I was married.
But I couldn't ever remember going there with Lorens.  

I told him, "We have lived back in the Chicago area for 5 years now.
And you've NEVER taken me to the Taste of Chicago
and I want to go this year!"

He said, "Oh that?  I already took you to that!"   

I looked at him like he was nuts.
I said "WHEN did you EVER take ME to the Taste?!"

He said, "You don't remember sharing those ribs and pizza? "

 "Or those unique hot dogs?"

"It was all really good, but it was REALLY expensive."

I had no idea what he was talking about.  
He said, "You remember, don't you?
I took you there when we were dating."

I said "Dating?"
  "What are you talking about?  1988?" 
He said, "Yeah, that's right, it was 1988!"

I said, "Do you realize, that was 23 FREAKIN YEARS AGO?  
Maybe some stuff has changed."   

He said, "No, I heard they still sell small portions of over priced food."   

Then he said, "We can cook it ourselves, it will be just as good.  I'll go shopping right now and pick up some Vienna Hot Dogs and a slab of ribs we'll throw on the grill.  You start the side dishes.  It will be great, thanks for the idea honey, it will be Taste of Chicago Burbs!"


So I got to cook and clean this afternoon before I went to work.
It tasted nothing like Taste of Chicago.
I made sure of it.

But the portions WERE bigger, and there were NO crowds.
And I still have money in my pocket.
And I didn't have to walk miles after eating.

Glad I brought up Taste of Chicago ... NOT.