Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation destination....FIRE.

So it's time for my big vacation.  A "real" vacation this time.  We took our kids to Disney World in 1995...... 17 years ago...... they were 1 and 2.  After that all we could afford were local adventures and camping trips (some from hell).  

Our kids are grown now and who knows when we'll ever take another family vacation all together.  My sister and her children are going as well.   We've been saving and planning for this trip for months.
THE vacation.  
Our last horrah.  

Where are we going you ask?

You know, the state that's on the news everyday lately because of the

Of course. 
Lucy Ricardo goes on vacation.

Let me show you some pictures 
just from the last few days
 coming out of Colorado:

We'll be driving to Colorado.....

There are adventures already planned and paid for including white water rafting.....

horseback riding through the mountains....

 bungee jumping, zip lines, hiking.....

We have an afternoon booked at the hot springs for what we thought would be the cool Colorado nights.  But actually, everything will be hot, there's a nationwide heatwave.

So, while I hope to send you pics of me smiling while I'm white water rafting, I'm afraid the pics of me in the river could be me ducking the fires.  Or I'm smiling on a horse in the mountains and the horse smells fire and takes off and the picture ends up being of my back, riding into the fires on a runaway horse.   Not sure how refreshing the hot springs are going to be either with fires all around.  Or, the cross country drive there with record breaking heat nationwide.

I always thought of myself as an optimist.  Glass is 1/2 full kinda gal.   Here's my glass for this vacation...

But I'm mostly kidding (not about the Vodka).

Colorado is a huge state and supposedly where we're going is nowhere near any of these fires.

Just thought I should say a little something because this is the spirit of Lucy Ricardo going on vacation after all, this may be my last chance.

Wish us luck.

UPDATE, JULY 10, 2012:  Our vacation was fantastic!  No fires near us.  

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