Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bev/Lucy Ricardo's missing cell phone

April 7, 2011

So my cell phone ran out of service days and minutes 2 weeks ago.  My husband made the mistake of saying to me, "Bev, I don't see why YOU need a cell phone.  YOU'RE JUST A HOUSEWIFE, you have a HOUSE phone and no car anymore."  So he didn't budget in any money for my cell phone.

So day 1 of me having no cell phone hubby says to me, "What time will the kids be home?"  Me, "I have no idea, they can only text from school, so I can't communicate with them for the next 2 weeks."  Then I had to go to the grocery store.  I told him I'd need his cell phone.  He said, "But, what if my work calls?"  I said, "OH WELL, I guess I'll tell them your wife DOES need a cell phone." (in my most sarcastic voice ever).   Then it was the week of the bowling party and no one could contact me on my cell phone, I complained about that.

I continued until he said, "Enough already, how much longer are you going to keep this up?"  I said, "Until your next pay day.  Why? Do you think I need a cell phone now?  But, I'm just a 'HOUSEWIFE'".  He said, laughing, "OK, I'M SORRY, YOU'RE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, YOU'RE EVERYTHING, ALRIGHT?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I'LL NEVER LET YOUR CELL PHONE RUN OUT OF MINUTES EVER AGAIN!"  So we laughed and kissed and made up and last Friday he put money on my phone.  Yeah for me!

Then yesterday, of course, I couldn't find it anywhere.  Why couldn't I lose it during the last two weeks when it was out of service days and minutes and I could have cared less?
After cleaning every inch of my house yesterday and doing ALL the laundry, it was still missing.  People kept calling my house saying they left me messages on my cell phone, which they said was now going right to voice mail.  I thought, thats strange, its fully charged, it should be ringing, telling mama where its at.

So about 10pm, I was putting the last load into the dryer and I heard a loud thump.  Utt Oh.  WELL OF COURSE IT WAS MY FULL CHARGED, FULLY LOADED, SOAKING WET, CELL PHONE!!!    LUCY!!!  I dried it out all night, used a blow dryer this morning, but the screen is burned out, its useless,  I need a new cell phone.

Lorens just laughed at me and said, "Sorry Lucy, this ones on you. Not my fault."  So I started in with all the complaining again of why I must have a cell phone and AFTER ABOUT 10 MINUTES, HE WAS ALREADY CONVINCED.  He said, "OK, ok, you win, you'll get another cell phone TONIGHT, just please STOP!"

So once again, the spirit of Lucy Ricardo was with me yesterday and now tonight I get a new cell phone, thanks Lucy!  And if you left me a message on my cell phone, this is why I don't know about it and why I no longer have your phone numbers.    

Sorry, Love,
Bev/Lucy Ricardo


  1. Bev, I honestly think you should right a book or try to get a freelance job or soemthing with a paper to put your life in there. You can make people laugh and you know how to tell a story. We could all use some humor in our lives. Too bad we are getting it at your expense, but it is still funny as hell. I love reading your blogs.

  2. Ahhh, that would be a dream. You're too kind. But alas, I have no education and wouldn't know where to begin. I guess this is where I begin. I've started writing my stories down, something I promised myself I'd start doing for 30 years now, so its a start. Thanks again, made my day, XOXOXO